Awareness of Human Rights Protection Provisions in the Constitution

Indicator description

  • A. Definition

    The level of public awareness regarding the protection of human rights in the National Constitution

  • B. How to measure

    The number of people who responded either ‘aware’ or ‘unaware’ to the question that asks about the public awareness of the protection of human rights in the Constitution

  • C. Features and Sources

    Category Sub-Category Sub-Subcategory Type of Indicator Reference Data Sources First year data available Periodicity
    Law and Institution Domestic Law Domestic Implementation of International Human Rights Norms Subjective/Process National Human Rights Commission of Korea National Human Rights Awareness Survey 2005 5 years
  • D. Interpretation

    There is a provision in the Constitution of Korea that stipulates a basic human rights protection, aiming to protect and respect human rights within the boundaries of the law. Therefore, to cultivate Korean citizens’ public awareness on human rights, it is important to recognize that the human rights protection provisions exists in the Constitution and to encourage an attitude within citizens to always respect human rights. According to the indicators, the percentage of people who answered “aware” and those who answered “unaware” were almost identical. In 2011, the ‘aware’ responses were slightly higher at a ratio of 6:4; however, it ​dropped to almost half by the end of 2016. This decrease shows the current lack of knowledge about human rights, which means that even the most basic human rights law are not recognized. Therefore, in order to improve the human rights consciousness in people, it is necessary to inform and publicize the contents and importance of the human rights protection provisions within the constitution in the promotion and education of human rights.

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