Opinion on Housework Sharing

Indicator description

  • A. Definition

    Public opinion about housework sharing

  • B. How to measure

    The percentage of respondents who answered the question “What opinion do they have about housework sharing” according to the following items:
    1. The wife is entirely responsible
    2. The wife is mainly, but the husband is also, responsible
    3. The husband and the wife are equally responsible
    4. The husband is mainly, but the wife is also, responsible
    5. The husband is entirely responsible

  • C. Features and Sources

    Category Sub-Category Sub-Subcategory Type of Indicator Reference Data Sources First year data available Periodicity
    Rights to Equality Discrimination Factors Gender Subjective/Result Korea Institute of Public Administration A Study on Social Integration 2002 2 years
  • D. Interpretation

    As womens’ economic participation has become more active, the issue of housework sharing has received much public attention. In the past, during the economic development period, the husband had an economic burden, and the wife had to bear the burden of the household. Unlike in the case where the roles were distributed unequally and via dichotomy, lately, as the number of double-income couples is increasing, there are many opinions that the housework should be redistributed. According to the indicators, the percentage of responses to ‘ The wife is mainly, but the husband is also, responsible ‘ and ‘Equally Responsible’ are higher than the option that claims housewives should take charge of all housework. However, as there is still a wage gap between men and women, and men are typically working as a breadwinner in a household, the proportion of the responses to ‘husbands mainly’ or ‘husbands entirely’ is low. We have put more effort into making a society in which there is less gender gap in economic burden and housework sharing.

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