The Number of Detainees in a Prison Cell

Indicator Description

  • A. Definition

    A statistic that shows the number of detainees in a prison cell in comparison with the total number of prison cells

  • B. How to measure

    Prison cell: A detention place in a police station to accommodate those who have been arrested or who have been sentenced to limit their freedom (Source: 두산백과)

    • The number of detainees in comparison with the number of prison cells = the actual number of detainees in a prison cell/ the total number of prison cells
  • C. Features and Sources

    Category Sub-Category Sub-Subcategory Type of Indicator Reference Data Sources First year data available Periodicity
    Right to Freedom Right to Physical and Moral Integrity Detention Environment Objective/Process The National Police Agency Police Statistical Yearbook 2007 1 year
  • D. Interpretation

    Article 4 of the Act on the Execution and the Treatment of the Detainees states that “the human rights of prisoners should be respected as much as possible”. The basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution should also be equally guaranteed to prisoners in prisons. Furthermore, article 37 of the ‘Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners’ indicates that “Prisoners shall be allowed, under necessary supervision, to communicate with their family and reputable friends at regular intervals, both by correspondence and by receiving visits.” All of these are proclaiming that the minimum human rights of prisoners should be guaranteed.
    Police statistics show that the number of police cells in 2007 was 111, was down by about 20 in 2011, and remained 110 afterwards. On the other hand, the number of detainees in in 2017 was 744, the smallest since 2010, but is usually around 800-900. Compared to the past, police officer violence towards inmates has been on the decline with the increase in human rights awareness. However, the number of accidents is still high because of the excessive amount of detainees compared to the limited number of prison cells.

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