Freedom of Expression

Indicator Description

  • A. Definition

    Respect for the freedom of opinion and expression felt by the Korean people

  • B. How to measure

    Among the answers to the question “Do you think that your freedom of opinion and expression are respected?”, the number of responses for 1) highly respected and 2) respected were calculated.

  • C. Features and Sources

    Category Sub-Category Sub-Subcategory Type of Indicator Reference Data Sources First year data available Periodicity
    Right to Freedom Fundamental Freedom Freedom of Opinion and Expression Subjective/Result National Human Rights Commission of Korea National Human Rights Awareness Survey 2011 5 years
  • D. Interpretation

    Freedom of opinion and expression is one of the basic freedoms, which means that everyone can freely express their opinions in situations where they will not violate the rights of others. These freedoms play a significant role in our society, as the more restrictions on these rights, the more human rights are infringed. According to the indicators, the percentage of respondents who answered that freedom of expression was respected was the lowest among the 20-30 age group. Incidentally, according to this year’s results, less than half of the respondents said that they are respected; while in 2016, more than half of the respondents felt that their opinions and freedom of expression were respected. This can be evaluated as a positive phenomenon. In addition, the number of people who feel that their freedom of expression is not respected is also decreasing, so it is necessary for the state and society to work together to maintain this trend.

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