Health Insurance Subscription

Indicator Description

  • A. Definition

    The general status of health insurance subscribers and recipients

  • B. How to measure

    The status of Employment-Based Insured and Self-Employed Insured subscribers by year
    * Employment-Based Insurance: Employees (subscribers) in a workplace with fewer than one person and people who depend on the livelihood of the workers (dependents)

  • C. Features and Sources

    Category Sub-Category Sub-Subcategory Type of Indicator Reference Data Sources First year data available Periodicity
    Social Rights Social Security Social Insurance Objective/Result Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service Annual Health Insurance Statistics 2005 1 year
  • D. Interpretation

    Health insurance is provided in the form of a differential imposition and equals a guarantee to eliminate medical inequalities that may occur, depending on the individual’s economic and physical situation. Korean citizens must enroll in health insurance policies and pay insurance premiums according to their income levels. In the case of Korea, medical expenses are controlled at the national level so that national health is constantly inspected through health insurance, ensuring that high medical expenses will not prevent people from receiving proper treatments. In the country, national health is constantly checked by analyzing health insurance data. In addition, the state controls medical expenses through health insurance so that members of the public who are unable to receive proper treatment due to high medical expenses can be saved. Health insurance subscribers are steadily increasing every year. In particular, local subscribers are decreasing while work subscribers are increasing. This is inferred from the fact that at the national level, subscribers of the workplace can be more easily detected through earned income.

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